Monday, April 11, 2011

Breaking in a new PC.

So you finally scored that PC you wanted.... What to do now?
As long as your OS (Operating System) is fresh and clean, you should consider installing some programs to help you out on your computing adventures. In the last post I asked "what will you use your PC for ?", and explained what I use my system for, I will go into further detail of most of the programs I use.


For my collection of digital music I use Winamp, which can parse a crapload of mp3s into a concise and easy to use library which is searchable. You may obtain winamp @ for free, as well as a paid version with more features(that you probably don't need).

Combined Community Codec Pack

I use the CCCP for the codecs it contains, as well as the Media Player Classic that comes with it.
You may obtain CCCP @ for free.



I use Tor for anonynimity purposes, see my post about tor for more info.

Mozilla Firefox
I use Firefox due to preference mostly. Check it out @
torbutton can be installed in it for easy and safer browsing.
Chatzilla is also nice if you want to lurk in the IRC areas of the internet.

Technitium MAC address changer

A great tool to change the MAC address of your network interface.
get it at

TL;DR  A short example list of programs I use on my PC, to help the reader get a better idea of what they need for their purposes.

Post any questions and I'll try my best to respond.


  1. Winamp - Yes!
    CCCP - Definitely!
    Firefox - Certainly!

    Thanks for telling me about Tor and Technitium Mac changer, they sound pretty useful.

  2. Got most of these programs, whenever I get a new computer it takes forever to get everything I need.

  3. change MAC address? wow this is very informative post thanks

  4. I use CCCP and Tor, and I used to use Firefox before I got Chrome.

  5. I prefer foobar over winamp. When would you need to change your MAC address?

  6. you would change your mac address to hide the true burned in one from the access point you are connected to, and from the internet. for example, a router blocks your mac from connecting to it, just change it. normally you wouldn't need it, but why not have it?

  7. thank you. tor. very helpful. following.

  8. CCCP is a must of course and Firefox is the way to go for web browsers. For mp3 programs, I don't really care too much.

  9. itunes chrome avast skype open office winrar.
    im set

  10. I love Firefox, although I have also heard a lot of good things about Chrome.

  11. Firefox is my preference also. Great info though, thanks.

  12. I can't seem to get Tor to work with firefox 4, do you have any tips?