Saturday, April 16, 2011

What brand of CPU do you prefer?

 sorry bout the time it took to get this out, its been a busy week (cisco routing class)

I decided to write this entry to bring up the two largest manufacturers of Central Processing Units.
Back in the day, Intel was new in the business, and started producing processors for computers.
They helped make an architectural standard in conjunction with IBM, known today as x86.
Around the time of the 486, being after the 386 and 286, some employees defected and created a company called AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). After a war of lawsuits between the two erupted and lasted for years. It seems that the beef is settled between the two giants. Nowadays, they compete mostly in the CPU market, and both have pros and cons.

I will summarize the pros and cons of each company.

Advanced Micro Devices

Makes cheap and still decent CPUs.

Pros: Very affordable products
Cons: Not the cutting edge in processor speeds.

Intel Corporation

Commonly used by the big PC companies such as Dell, HP, and gateway.

Pros: Mind blowing speeds, various technologies that AMD lacks
Cons: Too damn expensive

 TL;DR, I use AMD, because I'm not rich, and can still have a quad core.


  1. nice post. thanks. enjoyed the TL;DR

  2. interesting i have been following your posts about how not to get ripped off and im still not sure if Intel or AMD

  3. I would have to say Intel, as most of my computers have had Intel.

  4. I've only used intel so I don't know about AMD.

  5. I too have only used Intel. If AMD is better then its at least worth looking into. Thanks for bringing it up.

  6. intel all day. 2.66ghz quad core

  7. I have an Intel, but that's just because it's what my computer came with.