Saturday, July 30, 2011

Technology classes at your local college.

It's way easier than you think.
I took a class that teaches about the internet, how to use email, and some other crap like the use of amazon and ebay.
It was great, considering that I never read the book, and just did the assignments from personal knowledge alone. and I got an A.

If you can get the funding, DO IT!

I now have an apartment in town, and my postings are going to be much more frequent again.
I intend to write an article on my opinions of the cisco company, and my thoughts on their networking academy.

See you guys then....


  1. I did an IT course in college but they taught us a bunch of random shit that wasn't relevant ;/ Oh well, uni for games design now! Look forward to more posts man!

  2. Man I wish more of my clients would take advantage of this.

  3. thats nice, keep it up!