Monday, August 1, 2011

Cisco Networking Academy

After some looking around at my local college, I found that they teach a network administration courseload, with a strong emphasis on Cisco routers.

These classes have been excellent so far. They are somewhat challenging, and require attention to detail in order to master what is being taught.
Cisco textbooks are cheaper than most other college books, since they not only dominate the field in technology for networking, they also create most of the standards we use today.

The purpose of me taking these classes is to obtain a CCNA, which should give me a better chance of getting a job in the field.

I go to my nightshift job tomorrow, so I may take a day or two to post new content.

TL;DR : Cisco CCNA prep classes are worth the time.


  1. I think they do those classes at my uni too o;

  2. How much time do you think you will have to spend to learn cisco? Good luck in your class by the way!

    +followed :)

  3. Networking is so self sufficient at this point that this class isn't worth taking. What is your main goal? Local colleges love to fuck you with outdated knowledge.

  4. @Quetopia I'm trying to get a foot in the door in the upper end Network Admin environment. I have a few possible jobs lined up, and some arrangements made. To get the job I want, MCSE and CCNA are a must. I already have Security+, which is a requirement if I'm to touch a comp at a gov contractor.