Thursday, August 4, 2011

The work we have to do is less everyday.

I work part time at a butcher dept, in addition to my full-time college.
I have noticed after two days of work here, that technology is making life easier for a person.

I've had to stomp on cardboard boxes to break them down in previous jobs, but here I have access to a baler/box crusher.

When I package meat, I sit it on a conveyor belt, and the price tag with the pertinent information is placed on it with a robotic arm.....  I thought that someone would have to go through the trouble of placing a label on by hand after removing it from a printer...  guess that needed to be replaced by a robot...

I didn't expect to see equipment in a butcher shop receiving orders to do work through cat5 lines that are plugged into them.

What does the future of technology have to offer us next?

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